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End of an Era


For anyone who has wondered about Lucie’s vineyard, it is based loosely on Swedenburg Estate Vineyard in Middleburg, Virginia. Juanita Swedenburg, who passed away in 2007 and was a pioneer in the Virginia wine industry, was my advisor for the series for many years and taught me a lot about the business of growing grapes and making wine. I wrote her appreciation for The Washington Post: she was an amazing lady. I happened to be passing through Middleburg today just as the sun was setting and saw that the vineyard is up for sale.  The magnificent tree in the distance is a sycamore; it’s the reason (and inspiration) why Montgomery Estate Vineyard is on Sycamore Lane.


  1. Julie Schlutt says:

    Read your appreciation that was linked to these pictures. What a fabulous lady! I can see where your vision for Lucie got some of her spunk and determination.

  2. Mary Rynearson says:

    I am enjoying your book, the Vintage Vendetta, so much and am very interested to see the vineyard that gave you some of your inspiration for it. I love this part of Virginia also!

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Julie and Mary!

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