Dodge and Burn

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Published by: Severn House
Release Date: May 7, 2024
Pages: 240
ISBN13: 978-1448311590

"Crosby's prose and characterizations are top-notch." —Publisher's Weekly

"A fascinating look at a worldwide problem spiced with romance and family angst." —Kirkus


Photojournalist Sophie Medina is not a murderer, but someone is determined to make sure she goes down for a crime she did not commit . . .

When billionaire philanthropist and art collector Robson Blake hires Sophie Medina to take photographs for him, she doesn't expect to show up and find her client dead. It seems he was the victim of a burglary gone wrong. But why was his state-of-the-art security system turned off . . . and why, in a house of full priceless Old Masters, is the only thing missing a beautiful but insignificant Ukrainian religious icon?

Before long, Sophie finds herself in the crosshairs of a D.C. homicide detective who suspects she knows more than she is saying about Blake's murder - and he's not wrong. To Sophie's mixed delight and horror, she's recently learned she has a half-brother . . . who might also be an international art thief, with eyes on Blake's collection.

As the police get closer to finding Blake's killer, Sophie is certain someone is trying to frame her for his murder. Can she find the real killer in time- even if it means turning in her own brother to prove her innocence?

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